MamaLuigi22 is one of the most powerful characters in history, and the main character of this wiki. He is best friends with Weegee, Freegee, Felix the Cat123, Sreegee, and Suicide Mousegee. He is the grumpiest and most edgy Fakegee of all time. He lives in Bikini Bottom. Unlike most hardcore YouTube Poop fans, he doesn't mind MLG Parodies, however he finds them inferior in every way.

History: Edit

MamaLuigi22 was created with intention of being the Ultimate Life Form by Waweegee. However, it didn't work as planned, and MamaLuigi22 was born. He as abandoned, and went to Lalleo School for an education, but was quickly expelled for causing chaos. He then wandered around space until he met a guy named Spleegeeg, who turned him evil. MamaLuigi22 quickly realized that this was wrong, and left. He then stumbled apon the empty MamaLuigi22verse, where he became the ruler.

Personality: Edit

MamaLuigi22 has a personality similar to an anti-hero from fiction. He is allies with Weegee, but isn't always trusted. He only has a few consistent friends. He even turns evil from time to time. He has an extremely fiery temper, and often overreacts. Despite this, he has a good heart, but doesn't usually show it. He even shows love and bravery protecting those he cares about. He swears and curses a lot, and gets very competitive.

Like Angrygee MamaLuigi22 is angry a lot. In fact, he is rarely happy. He is grumpy and negative, and sees things with negative perspective. He sees his chip in life to be "half-empty" as opposed to "half-full". This has caused him to lose a lot of friends, and sometimes annoy the ones he does have. This also includes him being very irritable. A prime example was when he got really angry, so he vandalized, stole from, and attacked other students at Lalleo School.

He usually acts like Squidward (from classic Spongebob, not modern SpongeBob). He acts like a conceited self centered jerk. Then bad things happen to him, to punish him for his bad attitude. He also has a similar personality to Benson from Regular Show. So overall, he is an edgy, rage-a-holic, in and out psychopathic version of classic Squidward

Trivia: Edit

  • He has full 4th wall awareness, meaning he knows he's a fictional character
  • He has the ability to preform most of the Street Fighter moves in combat.