Mama Luigi

Mama Luigi is a meme, and a character of YouTube Poop. He originated from the Super Mario World cartoon. In one episode, he told Yoshi how he found Yoshi. Mario said "You didn't tell me you were brining a secret weapon Luigi". Luigi responded with "That's Mama Luigi to you Mario!". At 2006, the episode was posted to YouTube. In 2008, YouTuber Sophocles12 created a YouTube Poop using "Mama Luigi" as a source. He is one of the more famous characters of YouTube Poop. He has since become one of the most popular characters in YouTube Poop. In fact, Mama Luigi is often treated as the "God" of YouTube Poop. Despite what most think, he wasn't the inspiration for MamaLuigi22. That was the Mama Luigi of SuperMarioLogan.